Memorable Times at the Swap Meet

Memorable Times at the Swap Meet

Posted by Metro Peg on Jan 29th 2019

This past weekend I attended the Potomac Vintage Riders Bike Show and Swap Meet.   I have been going to this event for about 20 years and it is always a great reason to get out of the shop in the middle of winter.  

Being a veteran at this event, it is also great to see old friends.  Yeah, there is always Facebook to keep up to day on everyone, but some escape your news feed and it is always good for the should to actually talk to people.  Another good part of seeing people and being in the vintage motorcycle community is that people love to share old photos and stories of days gone by.  So, Sunday, I was lucky enough to meet a man that showed me these four photos.  They were taken by his Dad, Warren Lowry, at the 1977 Mid-Ohio Trans Am Race.  His Dad has passed on, but he wanted to share for all.  

Thank you Warren for taking these awesome photos and than you to everyone that shares their story with me.  I treasure each one.